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Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? A Word Origin Quiz Who'd a thunk? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Listen to the words and spell through all three levels. Login or Register. Thesaurus ignorance noun.

Save Word. Log In. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about ignorance. Share ignorance Post more words for ignorance to Facebook Share more words for ignorance on Twitter. Time Traveler for ignorance The first known use of ignorance was in the 13th century See more words from the same century. Thesaurus Entries near ignorance ignorable ignoramus ignoramuses ignorance ignorant ignore ignored See More Nearby Entries.

Comments on ignorance What made you want to look up ignorance? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Czech Latin Polish German. The Turki tribes, occupying western Mongolia, are among the least civilized of human beings, and it is chiefly to their extreme barbarity and cruelty that our ignorance of central Asia is due.

He knew at least the earlier investigations of L'Herminier, and, though the work of Nitzsch, even if he had ever heard of it, must through ignorance of the language in which it was written have been to him a sealed book, he had followed out and extended the hints already given by Temminck as to the differences which various groups of birds display in their moult.

Two campaigns, the first under General Josiah Harmar in 17 9 0, and the second under General St Clair in 17 9 1, failed on account of bad management and ignorance of Indian methods of warfare, and in General Anthony Wayne was sent out in command of a large force of regulars and volunteers.

In this work Bacon makes a vehement attack upon the ignorance and vices of the clergy and monks, and generally upon the insufficiency of the existing studies. He joined a Methodist society at Burslem, but business taking him at the close of to the colliery district of Harrisehead and Kidsgrove, he was so impressed by the prevailing ignorance and debasement that he began a religious revival of the district.

Insurrections occurred frequently, the insurgents receiving secret aid from sympathizers in China, and the difficulties of the Japanese being increased not only by their ignorance of the country, which abounds in fastnesses where bandits can Iconoclast - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (CD, Album) almost inaccessible refuge, but also by the unwillingness of experienced officials to abandon their home posts for the purpose of taking service in the new territory.

It is said that when the last of the governors appointed by the lords proprietors, in ignorance of the Spanish raid, arrived in New Providence, he found the island without an inhabitant. He remained, however, in complete ignorance of the degree of preparation attained on the Russian side, and since the seizure of Warsaw together with the control of the resources of Poland in men and material its occupation would afford, was the chief factor in his calculation, he turned at once to the eastward as soon as all further organized resistance in Prussia was ended by the surrender of Prenzlau and Lubeck.

Meanwhile the Austrians had approached so near that by a single day's march it would have been possible to fall upon and crush by superior numbers either wing of the French army, but though the Austrian light cavalry successfully covered the operations of the following troops they had not yet risen to a conception of their reconnoitring mission, and the archduke, in ignorance of his opportunity and possessed, moreover, with the preconceived idea of uniting at Regensburg with the two corps coming from Bohemia, moved the bulk of his forces in that direction, leaving only a covering body against Davout altogether insufficient to retain him.

Max Muller used it particularly in connexion with the Vedanta philosophy for the correlative of ignorance or nescience Gifford lectures,c.

After wandering for some time he was surrendered by Macleod of Assynt, to whose protection, in ignorance of Macleod's political enmity, he had entrusted himself. Lipsius shows that in the present form of the book there is side by side a strange " admixture of intimate knowledge and gross ignorance of Jewish thought and custom," and that accordingly we must " distinguish between an original Jewish Christian writing and a Gnostic recast of it. Strong opposition was at first experienced from the gross ignorance of First Jes u it the Indians, and the depravity of the Portuguese, missions.

The language of various treatises was doubtful and ambiguous, largely owing to the ignorance of the diplomatists who drew up the articles of the exact geography of the territory in question. In a letter to the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon entitledhe denounced the fanaticism and ignorance of the clergy in plain terms, and this provoked a fierce pamphlet war marked by much personal abuse.

The professor of Arabic in Lisbon intervened to sustain the accepted view of the battle, and charged Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl) and his supporter Gayangos with ignorance of the Arab historians and of their language. The passage possessed for them a mysterious charm, largely due to its isolation and to their ignorance of the historic speculations which suggested it. When brought before the emperor, Gerbert admitted his skill in all branches of the quadrivium, but lamented his comparative ignorance of logic.

Eager to supply this deficiency he followed Lothair's ambassador Germanus, archdeacon of Reims, to that city, for the sake of studying under so famous a dialectician in the episcopal schools which were rising into reputation under Archbishop Adalbero A well-known legal maxim runs: ignorantia juris non excusat " ignorance of the law does not excuse". With this is sometimes coupled another maxim: ignorantia facti excusat " ignorance of the fact excuses".

It would be necessary for the court to engage in endless inquiries as to the true inwardness of a man's mind, whether his state of ignorance existed at the time of the commission of the offence, whether such a condition of mind was inevitable or brought about merely by indifference on his part. Ignorance of a matter of fact may in general be alleged in avoidance of the consequences of acts and agreements, but such ignorance cannot be pleaded where it is the duty of a person to know, Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl), or where, having the means of knowledge at his disposal, he wilfully or negligently fails to avail himself of it see Contract.

These teachers, genuinely touched with a sense of the scantiness of our knowledge, of our confidence in abstract terms, of the insecurity of our alleged "facts," case-histories and observations, alienated from traditional dogmatisms and disgusted by meddlesome polypharmacy - enlightened, moreover, by the issue of cases treated by means such as the homoeopathic, which were practically "expectant" !Aaah-Ah ,Yawa Em Ekat Ot Gnimoc Eryeht urged that the only course open to the physician, duly conscious of his own ignorance and of the mystery of nature, is to put his patient under diet and nursing, and, relying on the tendency of all equilibriums to recover themselves under perturbation, to await events Vis medicatrix naturae.

Great loss of life and injury occur through the ignorancecarelessness and recklessness of the men themselves, who fail to take the necessary precautions for their own safety, even when warned to do so. During the daytime reliefs took place as usual, pretences were made of disembarking animals and stores at the jetties, and the result was that the Turks remained in complete ignorance as to what was going on close to their lines.

In ignorance of their danger, and later in despair of getting public services adequately performed in any other way, the kings first adopted for themselves some of the forms and practices which had thus grown up, and by degrees recognized them as legally proper for all classes.

Each of these two propositions must command assent as soon as uncritical ignorance gives place to philosophic reflection; but each may be exaggerated, indeed has currently been exaggerated, into falsity. Nominally the people are free and exercise sovereign rights in the choice of their representatives, but the ignorance of the masses, their apathy, poverty and dependence upon the great land proprietors and industrial corporations practically defeat these fundamental constitutional provisions.

Lactantius' chief work, Divinarum Institutionum Libri Septem, is an "apology" for and an introduction to Christianity, written in exquisite Latin, but displaying such ignorance as to have incurred the charge of favouring the Arian and Manichaean heresies. This ignorance of the very nature of science leads to under-estimation of the elemental force which science possesses; for only thus can we explain the pertinacity with which Ultramontanism, even at the present day, strives to subject her work to its own censorship and control.

As an official and a man of non-Russian extraction he had to be extremely reticent, but to his intimate friends he condemned severely the ignorance and light-hearted recklessness of those around him. From the beginning to the end of his career he remained true to the purpose of his life, which was to fight the battle of sound learning and plain common sense against the powers of ignorance and superstition, and amid all the convulsions of that period he never once lost his mental balance.

Seeley and the Saturday Review, as showing ignorance of the comparative method. Maine warned his countrymen against the insularity which results from ignorance of all law and institutions save one's own; his example has shown the benefit of the contrary habit. In these the tendency of the Syllabus towards obscurantism and papal despotism, and its incompatibility with modern thought, were clearly pointed out; and the evidence against papal infallibility, resting, as the Letters asserted, on the False Decretals, and accepted without controversy in an age of ignorancewas ably marshalled for the guidance of the council.

At the very outset of his labours he had been profoundly impressed with a sense of his responsibility towards the numerous outcast children who were growing up around him in ignorance and crime.

Impressed by the popular ignorance of the Scriptures, he himself translated, or caused others to translate, the New Testament into French from the Vulgate, and formed an association to distribute copies systematically at low prices.

Richard Baxter, who was elected by the townsfolk as their minister inwas instrumental in saving the town from a reputation of ignorance and depravity caused by the laxity of their clergy.

Ignorance is not bliss in this situation and the only way to retain control of the situation is to be informed. There are some resemblances to the Valentinian system, but whereas the great Archon sins in ignoranceIaldabaoth sins against knowledge; there is also less of Greek philosophy in the Ophite system. Education was shamefully neglected, the masses being left in almost heathen ignorance - and this, too, at a time when the upper classes were greedily appropriating the ripe fruits of the Renaissance and when, to use the words of a contemporary, there were "more Latinists in Poland than there used to be in Latium.

Moreover, in the universal unrest and oversetting of all authority, Christianity itself was in danger of perishing, not only as the result of the cultured paganism of the Renaissance, but also through the brutish ignorance of the common folk, deprived now of their traditional religious restraints. Our ignorance of their mode of action is cloaked by the term deobstruent, which implies that they possess the power of driving out ilnpurkies fronn the blood and tissues.

Cyprian Ep. Ritualists now keep unconfirmed children in church during the entire rite, through ignorance of ancient usage, in order that they may learn to adore the consecrated elements. The great majority of the authors belonged to the days of "the Ignorance ," and though a certain number e.

How long he remained in Rome after becoming a Christian, whether he had attained any office in the church before leaving Rome, what was the date of his visit to Greece - on these points also we remain in ignorance. In one of his letters home at Toni Braxton - More Than A Woman (CD, Album) period he calls the campaign a "tissue of mismanagement, blunders, errors, ignorance and arrogance"; and outspoken criticism such as this brought him many bitter enemies throughout his career, who made the most of undeniable faults of character.

In the part which deals with the period beforeit is true, there are various mistakes, due to the author's ignorance of contemporary history, but these slight blemishes are amply atoned for by the literary value of the work. This bond was doubtless preserved by Christian Hellenists, and must have tended to The Other Side Of Life - Peter, Paul And Mary* - Album (Vinyl, LP, Album) their reliance on the Temple services for the forgiveness of their recurring "sins of ignorance " - subsequent to the great initial Messianic forgiveness coming with faith in Jesus.

That agriculture of some kind was practised is clear enough from Caesar's account, and Strabo's statement to the contrary must be attributed to ignorance or exaggeration. Early in the "Juno" went to the Mediterranean under Lord Hood, and her captain distinguished himself by an audacious feat of coolness and seamanship in extricating his vessel from the harbour of Toulon, which he had entered in ignorance of Lord Hood's withdrawal.

The new leaven had begun to communicate its subtle influence to the universities, but was working chiefly in secret and even to a great extent unconsciously to those affected by it, for many were in profound ignorance of Socially Defunct - Diana Ah Naid - I Dont Think Im Pregnant (CD, Album) ultimate tendency of their own opinions.

Its intense pride, its fatalistic indolence and ignoranceits honesty and its bigotry, tempered by a keen sense of humour, are well-known characteristics. The manner in which this condition of complacent ignorance came to be disturbed is instructive.

St Claire Deville, accidentally and in ignorance of Wohler's later results, imitated the experiment. Mary received the announcement with majestic tranquillity, expressing in dignified terms her readiness to die, her consciousness that she was a martyr for her religion, and her total ignorance of any conspiracy against the life of Elizabeth. They criticized in no measured terms the current medicine of the time, and exposed the practical ignorancethe pomposity, and the greed of those who practised it.

It is a problem how to reconcile his ignorancehis weakness, his superstition, his crude notions, his erroneous observations, his ridiculous influences and theories, with his grasp of method, his lofty views of the true scope of medicine, his lucid statements, his incisive and epigrammatic criticisms of men and motives. Among the complainants were the inhabitants of Kidderminster, a town which had become famous for its ignorance and depravity.

Arguing in the Lessons that a mathematical point must have quantity, though this were not reckoned, he had explained the Greek word UTCy v, used for a point, to mean a visible mark made with a hot iron;; whereupon he was charged by Wallis with gross ignorance for confounding artypii and o - y,ua.

Cairoli was one of the most conspicuous representatives of that type of Italian public men who, Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl) conspired and fought for a generation in the cause of national unity, were despite their valour little fitted for the responsible parliamentary and official positions they subsequently attained; and who by their ignorance of foreign affairs and of internal administration unwittingly impeded the political development of their country.

In other respects the writer displays the most complete indifference, and even ignorancewith regard to the state of affairs in the West. The great abuses which Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl) overrun the church at this time arose principally from the ignorance of the clergy.

It deserves mention here that Garrison was then in utter ignorance of the change previously wrought in the opinions of English abolitionists by Elizabeth Heyrick's pamphlet in favour of immediate, in distinction from gradual emancipation. On his way home he attended the teachers of the mosque at Kairawan, in Tunisia, who soon learnt from him that his people knew little of the religion they were supposed to profess, and that though his will was good, his own ignorance was great.

For instance, in his ignorance of everything out of Arabia, he makes the fertility of Egypt - where rain is almost never seen and never missed - depend on rain instead of the inundations of the Nile xii.

Stesichorus completed the form of the choral ode by adding the epode to the strophe and antistrophe; and "you do not even know Stesichorus's three" passed into a proverbial expression for unpardonable ignorance unless the words simply mean, "you do not even know three lines, or poems, of Stesichorus". The Cave report showed that Egypt suffered from the ignorancedishonesty, waste and extravagance of the East and from the vast expense caused by hasty and inconsiderate endeavours to adopt the civilization of the West.

There is no sign of rhyming in Egyptian poetry, and the rhythm is not yet recognizable owing to our ignorance of the ancient vocalization. The sight of many an eye has been destroyed by the use of atropine - in ignorance of this action on the intra-ocular tension - in cases of incipient glaucoma.

Printing was introduced inand the march of education among the laity increased the general contempt for the too common ignorance that prevailed among the clergy. The Scottish Jacobites were Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl) in ignorance of the French attempt to land in the mouth of the Thames February - Marchan effort frustrated by a disastrous tempest, and by the slackness of the English conspirators.

Darwin was careful to insist that we did not know the laws of variation, and that when variation was attributed to "chance" no more should be read into the statement than an expression of our ignorance of the causation. Both sides concur in the position assumed by Darwin, that the word "chance" in such a phrase as "chance variation" does not mean that the occurrences are independent of natural causation and so far undetermined, but covers in the first place our ignorance of the exact causation.

Penetrated by the conviction that ignorance was the worst of the inveterate evils of old Russia, a pitiless enemy of superstition of every sort, a reformer by nature, overflowing with energy and resource, and with a singularly lucid mind armed at all points by a farreaching erudition, Prokopovich was the soul of the reforming party after the death of Peter the Great. The Four Intoxications are the mental intoxication arising respectively from 1 Bodily passions, 2 Becoming, 3 Delusion, 4 Ignorance.

The assembly of accused the high commissioner of violation of the constitution and of the treaty of Paris, and complained that England remained in ignorance of what took place in the islands. Other important examples exist at RavelloSalernoAmalfiAtrani ; and doors at Monreale in Sicily and at Trani, signed by an artist named Barisanos end of the 12th century ; the reliefs on these last are remarkable for expression and dignity, in spite of their early rudeness of modelling and ignorance of the human figure.

The whole system of Telesio shows lacunae in argument, and ignorance of essential facts, but at the same time it is a forerunner of all subsequent empiricism, scientific and philosophical, and marks clearly the period of transition from authority and reason to experiment and individual responsibility.

He summed up as follows the difference between himself and the Hamiltonian group: "One feared most the ignorance of the people; the other the selfishness of rulers independent of them. Although the work is uncritical, and shows the author's ignorance of geography, chronology and military matters, it is written in a picturesque style.

Such advanced education as exists in Afghanistan is centred in the priests and physicians; but the ignorance of both is extreme.

Manure is copiously applied to the more valuable crops whenever manure is available, its use being limited by poverty and not by ignorance. Roger Bacon, in his severe criticism on the ignorance of Greek displayed by the most eminent scholastic writers, expressly exempts Erigena, and ascribes to him a knowledge of Aristotle in the original.

This time he not only carried out his instructions but, by further explorations together with interesting descriptions, dispelled general ignorance with respect to the main features of the country W. The joy of Menelaus on seeing Paris, Priam's ignorance of the Greek leaders, the speeches of Agamemnon in his review of the ranks in book iv. But Agrippina saved herself by swimming, and wrote to her son, announcing her escape, and affecting entire ignorance of the plot. Imperfect acquaintance with authors whom they studied in Latin translations made by Jews from Arabic commentaries on Greek texts, together with almost total ignorance of natural laws, condemned them to sterility.

But these people were rendered licentious in revolt or impotent for salutary action by ignoranceby terror, by uneasy dread of the doom declared for heretics and rebels. His great popularity, and the general ignorance of the reasons for his imprisonment, stirred up a strong feeling against the queen, who was reported to be influenced by Bacon, and such indignation was raised against the latter that his friends feared his life would be in danger.

Unfortunately, prudential motives hindered the publication of the whole evidence; the people, consequently, were still ignorant of the magnitude of the crime, and, till recently, biographers of Bacon have been in a like ignorance.

The opinion was common at the time, and the error was merely ignorance of the true principles of political economy. On his return from Rome, Hildebert had a public disputation with Henry, in which, according to the bishop's Acta episcoporum Cenomannensium, Henry was shown to be less guilty of heresy than of ignorance. This unfavourable state of affairs is due to the poverty, ignorance and insanitary habits of the lower classes.

The common people were kept in ignorance and practically in a state of hopeless servitude. To show that such objections are invalid, and that a revelation is at least not impossible, Butler makes use mainly of his doctrine of human ignorance. The heights of peaks determined by exact processes of trigonometrical observation are bound to be more or less in error for three reasons: 1 the extraordinary geoidal deformation of the level surface at the observing stations in submontane regions; 2 ignorance of the laws of refraction when rays traverse rarefied air in snow-covered regions; 3 ignorance of the variations in the actual height of peaks due to the increase, or decrease, of snow.

The result of this theory of ethics is of great value as emphasizing the importance of a systematic view of conduct, but it fails to resolve satisfactorily the great Socratic paradox that evil is the result of ignorance. For even though they attempt to substantiate the idea of responsibility by maintaining that ignorance is voluntary, they cannot find any answer to the question whether some men may not be without the capacity to choose learning but see Ethics: Stoics.

They are addicted to the excessive use of chica a native beer made from Indian cornand have little or no ambition to improve their condition, but this may be attributed in part to their profound ignorance and to the. The controversy was assumed to be against prejudice, ignoranceobscurantism; what monks were to Erasmus the clergy as such were to Woolston.

The older school had taught that Gotama, who had propounded the doctrine of Arahatship, was a Buddha, that only a Buddha is capable of discovering that doctrine, and that a Buddha is a man who by self-denying efforts, continued through many hundreds of different births, has acquired the so-called Ten Paramitas or cardinal virtues in such perfection that he is able, when sin and ignorance have gained the upper hand throughout the world, to save the human race from impending ruin.

The belief in them probably arose out of the doctrine of the older school, which did not deny the existence of the various creations of previous mythology and speculation, but allowed of their actual existence as spiritual beings, and only deprived them of all power over the lives of men, and declared them to be temporary beings liable, like men, to sin and ignoranceand requiring, like men, the salvation of Arahatship. Among them the later Buddhists seem to have placed their numerous Bodhisats; and to have paid especial reverence to Manju-sri as the personification of wisdom, and to Avalokiteswara as the personification of overruling love.

In only two points Mr. Smiling - Kemuri - Mirai Wa Akarui (CD) Rabelais be said to be definitely polemic. He certainly hated the monkish system in the debased form in which it existed in his time; he as certainly hated the brutish ignorance into which the earlier systems of education had suffered too many of their teachers and scholars to drop.

At these two things he was never tired of striking, but elsewhere, even in the grim satire of the Chats fourres, he is the satirist proper rather than the reformer.

The majority of the Roman annalists were men of high birth and education, with a long experience of affairs, and their Parricide - Ophiolatry - Trasmutation (CD, Album) did not arise from seclusion of life or ignorance of letters.

But he cannot be reproached with undue bias; he writes with the straightforwardness of a soldier, and is not ashamed on occasion to confess his ignorance. His surname was usually derived by later Greek writers from the name of his supposed birthplace, Gonni Gonnus in Thessaly; some take it to be a Macedonian word signifying an iron plate for protecting the knee; neither conjecture is a happy one, and in Jet - Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Riviera (CD, Album) ignorance of the Macedonian language it must remain unexplained.

They erred from ignorancefrom a perverted moral sense rather than from any mean or selfish motive, and exhibited extraordinary courage and self-sacrifice in the pursuit of what seemed to them the cause of God and of their country. A curious treatise, which grew in part out of this dispute and out of a previous duel with physicians, was the book Upon his own Ignorance and that of many others.

Grieved at the ignorance and superstition which the remissness of the clergy permitted to flourish in the neighbouring parishes, he used every year to visit the most neglected parts of Northumberland, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Westmorland and Cumberland; and that his own flock might not suffer, he was at the expense of a constant assistant.

Hence the theory of knowledge becomes with some a theory of human ignorance. Does this consciousness represent an authentic insight into ultimate fact, or is it a pitiful illusion of the nerves, born of man's hopes and fears and of his fundamental ignorance?

The Mussulmans of Backergunje are among the worst of their creed, steeped in ignorance and prejudice, easily excited to violence and murder, very litigious and grossly immoral.

The few who had taken the trouble to study Rumanian literature paid not the slightest attention to the vast MS. As in Chile, the indifference of the ruling class to the welfare of the common people is a primary cause of their ignorance and poverty, to which must be added the apathy, if not opposition, of the Church.

He was no "dedicator," and the occasional presents of rich men, such as Montauron who gave him a thousand, others say two hundred, pistoles for the dedication of Cinnaand Fouquet who commissioned Odipewere few and far between, though they have exposed him to reflections which show great ignorance of the manners of the age.

When Livingstone began his work in Africa the map was virtually a blank from Kuruman to Timbuktu, and nothing but envy or ignorance can throw any doubt on the originality of his discoveries. The Buddha says: "Those indeed are conquerors who, as I have now, have conquered the intoxications the mental intoxication arising from ignorancesensuality or craving after future life.

He warned his hearers against the fires of concupiscence, anger, ignorancebirth, death, decay and anxiety; and taking each of the senses in order he compared all human sensations to a burning flame which seems to be something it is not, which produces pleasure and Shake It, but passes rapidly away, and ends only in destruction.

Many have Babylon System vs Truth (18) - Babylon War (Vinyl) followed it, and conquering the lust and pride and anger of their own hearts, have become free from ignorance and doubt and wrong belief, have entered the calm state of universal kindliness, and have reached Nirvana even in this life.

As Rhodes's Ignorance - Yonaka - Ignorance (Vinyl) in the raid became known, there naturally arose a strong feeling of resentment and astonishment among his colleagues in the Cape ministry, who had been kept in complete ignorance of his connexion with any such scheme. Newton tells us himself that, when he had purchased a book on astrology at Stourbridge fair, a fair held close to Cambridge, he was unable, on account of his ignorance of trigonometry, to understand a figure of the heavens which was drawn in this book.

The pre-eminent wisdom which the Delphic oracle attributed to him was held by himself to consist in a unique consciousness of ignorance. Still the positions of Socrates that are most important in the history of ethical thought not only are easy to harmonize with his conviction of ignorancebut even render it easier to understand his unwearied cross-examination of common opinion.

It was not that Christian writers did not feel the difficulty of attributing criminality to sincere ignorance or error. Ignorance regarding the inertia of matter drove him to this expedient. The first book expounds clearly, and with much vigour, the evil effects of the blind acceptance of the Aristotelian dicta on physical and philosophical study; but, as is the case with so many of the anti-Aristotelian works of this period, the objections show the usual ignorance of Aristotle's own writings.

When the chief's legitimate son Shane grew up he declined to be bound by this arrangement, which the king may have made in partial ignorance of the facts. The island is mentioned by several of the early Arabic writers and geographers, but medieval maps show curious ignorance El Guayacan its size and position.

Under him there was in fact a kind of early renaissance after centuries of barbarism and ignorance. Nowhere was his blind faith more plainly shown, combined as it was with total ignorance of the formidable migrations that were convulsing Asia, and of the complicated game of politics just then.

The conclusion reached is that with the exception of forgetfulness and ignorance all the affections are under the lordship of reason, or at all events of pious reason. The population made a considerable advance, and the dense cloud of sloth and ignorance which had settled on the country in the 17th century was lifted. The dean's religious opinions were so much more liberal than those of the contemporary clergy whose ignorance and corruption he denounced that they deemed him little better than a heretic; but William Warham, the archbishop, refused to prosecute him.

Aurivillius considered that Pollicipes signatus showed a closer approach to the Balanidae than any other of the Lepadidae, but he, too, in ignorance of the Devonian Protobalanus Whitf. The growth of commerce has been impeded by the ignorance of cultivators, the want of good roads and the unsettled political condition of Turkey.

In this brief tract, Kant, apparently in entire ignorance of the explanation given in by Hadley, points out how the varying velocity of rotation of the successive zones of the earth's surface furnishes a key to the phenomena of periodic winds. The impossibility of knowledge, even in regard to our own ignorance or doubt. The character of the emperor Nicholas was summed up with great insight by Queen Victoria in a letter to the king of the Belgians, written during the tsar's visit to England June 11, " He is stern and severe - with fixed principles of duty which nothing on earth will make him change; very clever I do not think him, and his mind is an uncivilized one; his education has been neglected; politics and military concerns are the only things he takes great interest in; the arts and all softer occupations he is insensible to, but he is sincere, I am certain, sincere even in his most despotic acts, from a sense that that is the only way to govern; he is not, I am sure, aware of the dreadful cases of individual misery which he so often causes, for I can see by various instances that he is kept in utter ignorance of many things, which his people carry out in most corrupt ways, while he thinks that he is extremely just Heads were shook at his ignorancefollowed by a slew of reminiscences of priceless bargains discovered in obscure places.

Given her blatant ignorance of his rules, he had every probable cause Stickwitu - The Pussycat Dolls - PCD (CD, Album) do so. It was a euphemism for ignoranceor lack of sufficient observation. The person in charge does not exploit vulnerability or ignorance or abuse trust. The bible does not allow us to think that ignorance automatically means we are morally acceptable.

His ignorance of the sister kingdom cannot be described; it can only be illustrated by anecdote. I have a datura which does not seem to be in a book and I do not want to lose my plants through ignorance.

Modern American economists have dignified this common sense insight with the name of rational ignorance. It shows a previous disequilibrium caused by the systemic ignorance that exists in the real world. These results reveal either a surprising ignorance by caterers of what they are producing or a reckless disregard for what constitutes a healthy meal.

What tends to make me pessimistic is the ignorance of the people I rub elbows with on a day to day basis. At the time, Rhodes claimed ignorance about any laws concerning humane euthanasia of animals. When you say you have secondary fibromyalgia, pardon my ignorance what exactly do you mean? I feel sorry for the students at Irvine having to eat the gruel of Islamic ignorance fed to them by LeVine. It is astonishing that a Canadian immigration official should have feigned ignorance of this.

The point McGarretts Theme - Mort Stevens And His Orchestra - Original Hawaii Five-O TV Sound Track (Vinyl, LP that they were made by the same teachers who had earlier professed almost complete ignorance of Protestant schools.

To maintain that they must intervene is to betray ignorance Overdrive (Matt Pop Full Throttle Mix) - Peter Wilson (3) - Overdrive (CDr) the elementary principles of prophetic interpretation.

The only way we are going to dispel ignorance is through education. Others may know, but Land-Care confesses ignoranceas to how the judge leading the inquiry Lord Hutton was appointed. He could see outside, everyone moving around them in blissful ignoranceunable to see what was happening. I delight in his lack of patience with everyone from students to politicians who demonstrate inexcusable ignoranceincompetence or obfuscation.

The first is almost complete and often wilful ignorance of anything that has happened in Church history. What really astounds me, tho, is the apparently willful ignorance and short-sightedness of the various experiments devised by their vivisectors. But the fact you could hear the band above the voices suggested widespread ignorance of the words.

She could almost be angry herself at such angry incivility; but she checked the resentful sensation; she remembered her own ignorance. He feels utterly insignificant in the face of their farming ignorance. Bandolier suspects that there remain huge lacunae of ignorance in the pharmaceutical world. The New Testament takes a pride in the ignorance of the apostles, the main one of whom is a self-confessed liar. Is this practice of chelating minerals really to our benefit or a dangerous act of ignorance?

I believe great mischief has been done through ignorance on this point.


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    An exploration of what we can know about what we don't know: why ignorance is more than simply a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is trending. Politicians boast, “I'm not a scientist.” Angry citizens object to a proposed state motto because it is in Latin, and “This is America, not Mexico or Latin America.” Lack of experience, not expertise, becomes a credential.
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    Ignorance Quotes. Quotes tagged as "ignorance" Showing of 2, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ― Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through.
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    • The workers' ignorance compounds their poverty: everywhere, failure to follow the most elementary rules of diet makes undernourishment worse. ignorance of • The average American's ignorance of geography is shocking. Quizzes. Quizzes. Take our quick quizzes to practise your vocabulary.
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