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Mudhill - Beardfish - The Sane Day (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 04.09.2019

Download Mudhill - Beardfish - The Sane Day (CD, Album)
Label: Progress Records (5) - PRCD028 • Format: 2x, CD Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock

It seems prog still burns Album) Sputnik. Great, indeed. And nice job too. Have a great POS. God they are good at creating great melodies. Both albums have their share of hard rock elements, especially for The Void, but it's done with their traditional flavour of progressive rock, i. At the end of the day, Beardfish remain Beardfish, no matter what they do. Right then, now we're talking!! I randomly stumbled across that one song album they did, "mei" i'm pretty sure it's called.

There's also a live version of the ehole thing on youtube, god it's pretty epic. I may have to review it soon! Beardfish probably know that album. Suffocating the Bloom which contains their amazing song ''Memoirs from Between'' has to be my second one, but I have to relisten to it and to couple other albums to recheck my ratings.

Mei has clever passages, but I'm not sure about the thing as a whole. Would be pretty nice if you would review some Echolyn. Beardfish The Sane Day 4. Review Summary: All fish need beards! Rank: 0 for The world is a strange place to live. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes even a little bit smelly. But at the end of the day, strange. There are unknown forces at work, causing mayhem and cataclysmic phenomena to please the powers that be.

One strange phenomenon which you may have noticed, is that the truly greatest works of art are shrouded under smokescreens. Never to be found by the majority of people. And it effects millions of artists including authors, painters, tiddly-winks enthusiasts, connoisseurs of bodily fluids and of course, musicians. Unfortunately for Beardfish, they are one of those bands. Hailing from Sweden and releasing their debut album inthe talented prog quartet would go onto craft a very fine discography of 8 albums packed with some absolute monsters of songs, which seem like they would take a lifetime just to write, let alone play!

Taking on influences from prog titans Yes and King Crimson, laced with the quirkiness of Frank Zappa and the complexity of Gentle Giant, Beardfish cooked up a fresh sound of their own. To the small fanbase they gathered, they were adored, and although they decided to call it quits inmany fans who never got to see them play live pray that they reunite. Most notably, the heavy use of the Swedish language in the vocals would be wiped completely, instead using a slighty more mainstream language called English.

The songwriting would become more structured, and ambitiously and perhaps most impressively, it would be a double album. The Sane Day was released in to fans and progheads alike, but does it surpass their debut?

It's clear that Beardfish are not the same band as their debut, and this is highly evident on opener "Love Story. And even though the song seems intimidating at over 12 mins in length on a double album mind you!!! The band manage to give each section of the song space to breathe, and nothing sounds rushed.

Rikards vocals have evidentally come a long way, and build a solid front for the tight backbone the rest of the band provide, and everyone gets a chance to shine on their respectful utensils of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.

Each section of the song flows seamlessly into the next creating a piece of music that is over before you know it. The overall feel of the track is quite emotional in places as the lyrics tell a story of a breakup featuring an intense desperate plea for help at the crescendo, but the genius part is, these 12 minutes fly by.

And then, "The Gooberville Ballroom Dancer" is a A Touch Of Evil - Judas Priest - Metal Works 73 - 93 (VHS) and rocking tale of a scruffy unpopular male who decides to turn his life around by investing in ballroom dancing shoes, thus, becoming the king of the dancefloor, and winning all the ladies.

This is Beardfish in a nutshell. Two complete opposite undertones which can flow from light hearted to dark whenever they feel like, it seems. But most importantly, their sound is polished. There are massive hooks, proggy jamming, quirky breakdowns, skilled instrumentation and tight rhythms to be found throughout all of their songs. And then we have the transitions. The way the album flows from track to track just seems effortless and Album), but obviously took a lot of energy to get that so right.

Then we have the whacky videogame-esque instrumental "Return to mudhill" flowing perfectly into the slower ballad "Waiting room" which is intricate and showcases some great harmonies from the 4 piece. There are some incredibly strong contenders for the definitive album highlight. Also, there are tracks like "Tall tales" and "Mystique of the Beauty Queen" showcasing Rikard's talented lyrical prowess, whilst sporting solid instrumentation.

Then, you have "The Summit". Starting off with a melodic twin guitar harmony, the track soars upwards when the band enter to make it sound like you are scrambling up the edge of an icy mountain. It does have a slight King Crimson feel to it at first, but after the massive opening, the track settles down quickly to a gentle yet foreboding acoustic guitar which could relate to the eye of a storm. Then, the band come back in and the listener is freezing again. These themes will later turned into more consistent piece of work in part1, then for real and to the maximum in part2 and hangover in part3, eh, I mean Destined Solitare, which provides full mature sound.

Keyboards, guitar style, all these other minor elements that make their music, it's here. I even realized that some parts from here were re-written later, re-used mostly in better way. And that this is concept album? All their albums to some extent are to be exact. This is more, that's true other pointed it out. But what can be applied to both discs presented here is that it's beautiful music.

Often melodic, but not pathetic, with a lot of material to involve this atmospheric feeling. But for hells sake, it's not consistent. In contrast to their later work, it's somehow weak.

Even it's good, it's paler than their new ones, so I'm left with no other choice than to give 5. I love Beardfish, but this feeling is too strong for me.

Even it's funny in classical BF styleit's good and I'm sure I'll listen it many times and often. The most underrated album from Beardfish. Beardfish always displays sublime skill, and seem to always evolve as a band, but the song writing here really stands out. This album seems to stand apart from the other 5. Their 3rd album "Sleeping In Traffic PT 1" through their 5th, "Destined Solitaire", seem to have a similar sonic thread Te Amo - Evaldo Freire - Do Mesmo Jeito (Vinyl, LP, Album) through them.

The 6th album "Mammoth" seems to be taking them in a heavier direction which should be interesting. The 7th album 'preview' song, "Voluntary Slave" appears to back this up. No matter what happens I think they will always release quality albums.

They really have left the sound they forged on "Sane Day" behind. That's not necessarily bad, but I do miss the indefinable quality that made this album a flawed masterpiece.

I think the reason this album is a bit underrated has to be those previously mentioned great songs being sadly broken up by a few awkward segments. This album just does not play from start to finish as gracefully as it should. Despite it's greatness, I will sometimes skip 2 or 3 tracks. Still awesome for a long, 2 disc record. While it may not be their most consistant or mature album, The Sane Day is Beardfish in full style. I was not initially impressed with The Sane Day as I was with Sleeping in Traffic pt 2 and Destined Solitaire, but as I became more familiar with Beardfish, this album started to shine as my favorite.

This is full, unrestrained Beardfish. This ambitious double LP comes right after their debut, early enough that they still have an "anything goes" attitude. Rikard and gang simply had too many good ideas ready for a single disc and therefore opted for the double album.

The playing here is not as refined or skilled as in later albums but the song writing and ideas are most unique here. A few highlights: Beginning with A Love Story, the album kicks off with a story about a chump who is left by his girlfriend and simply cannot continue to live.

This song is exactly the kind of song beardfish Mudhill - Beardfish - The Sane Day (CD known for. Great use of hammond organ, jam sections, non-repetition, and of course not taking themselves too seriously. It really plays out like a story. And it seems so unabashedly honest it might just be a true story.

Gooberville Ballroom Dancer is unmistankenly Beardfish-esque. This is an early example in the vein of the South of the Border joke song with heavy influence from Zappa.

The crunchy guitar riffs and interesting sometimes goofy vocal melodies keep it interesting after many plays. The instrumental portion of this song is undeniably excellent.

The second side contains many shorter, mellodic songs toward the beginning, and instrumentals toward the end. Every one of these are pretty great. For instance, Now starts out very meloncholy with long organ chords as the guitar slides in and out of tones.

Halfway through the song it welcomes something different as a Tangerine Dream type arpeggiator and a lighter guitar riff transfers the song into a much more optimistic mood.

Ask Someone Who Knows is a great instrumental piece. There are so many textures of keys and guitar work interweaving throughout this piece. Rikard is a master of melodies on the keys, and it really stands out here, Mudhill - Beardfish - The Sane Day (CD. The song transitions from thought to thought in interesting and powerful ways. The end is particularly haunting as the organ plays a dilapidated carnival theme and the evil clown returns from 'Easy Money' to The Sounds Of Silence - The Ventures - Rock And Roll Forever / Now Playing (CD) at you again basically.

This may not be the best introduction to Beardfish see Sleeping in Traffic pt. This is the album I return to the most. I think it touches on every facet of the character of the band and strong melodies and songwriting can outweigh bombastic playing anyday See Mammoth. I am hesitant to give the masterpiece rating but I will round up from 4.

It is well-deserved. Essential work of modern progressive rock. Report this review Posted Wednesday, July 24, Review Permalink Progrussia Impressive for a band so young age-wise, too to make their second record already a double album.

Since, I believe, that their songwriting craft was not yet fully honed, there is a lot of filler. But it's basically anything goes approach for Beardfish who clearly wanted to put to use the many ideas popping up in their young minds. About half of songs can be described as pleasant psychedelic pop-rock, with bluesy influences, sense of humor and a keen knowledge of provincial American pop culture learned probably thru Frank Zappa. Production here is clear and bright, but on later albums would get significantly grittier.

The second disk unexpectedly ends with a series of quite progressive instrumental or almost-instrumentals. The band said King Crimson was a big influence, but I see here the Crimsons' more lighter side. This record clearly shows a band with great potential, which they realized later on, but still I can't overlook the amount of filler here.

I feel like the main reason for this Lincoln Heights - Jo Jones - The Jo Jones Special (Vinyl, LP, Album) from the fact that I believe that if you're making a double album, the music has to be degrees better than one would otherwise expect in order to justify the additional length.

This is then taken to another level when bands start makng albums approaching 2 hours long, as it's almost certain that no matter how great the music is, 2 hours will still likely daunt the listener, and this is a big reason why I have only listened to the debut album of The Flower Kings at this point in time. This is the first album by Beardfish that I've listened to, and I can already say, while this album has flaws, I'll definitely want to be checking out the rest of their discography, as I'm highly impressed with what is presented here.

There is a clear retro prog sound that the band has, taking heavy inspiration from King Crimson and Zappa in particular, with a definite feel of the more eclectic side of prog, with each song having a lot of musical ideas strewn throughout, while having the more funny, entertaining lyricism of Zappa, as well as some awesome guitar work in that sort of vein.

The biggest take away I had from this album however, is how human everything sounds, while Zappa's songs were primarily based in reality, there was either an absurdist, or satirical edge that went along with many of his lyrics, where in Beardfish's case, there's a sense of comfort Captain Rock - Loquero - Radio Post Mortem (CD, Album) fun that comes across.

Their lyrics sound less like a commentary on modern life, and more like an exploration of it, which I find extremely refreshing and interesting in a genre typically filled with higher concept ideas or simply just bombast.

Despite my extremely warm impression of this band, I must admit that this album is one that I cannot fully enjoy, exactly for the reasons explained at the start, there's just too much music here for me to be able to enjoy properly. Even though I feel this way, there are without a doubt some incredible tracks to be found on here, the highlight undoubtedly, and somewhat unfortunately being the amazing opener A Love Story, which tells an emotional narrative and displays the more loose songwriting feel that the band has.

The song feels simultaneously grandiose and humble, with a dramatic intro that becomes a motif throughout the song, contrasted by the story of the song, which covers a fairly down to earth topic of breakups, immediately establishing the identity of the band in a highly effective way.

I love the elements of quirkiness the song incorporates as well, such as direct references to Frank Zappa albums, small sections of vocal distortion, and a line singing about wanting to scream, before then belting out a high note that never fails to put a smile on my face. Other notable songs from the first half are Tall Tales and The Gooberville Ballroom Dancer, both accentuating the wonderful lyricism at play, while also being extremely strong from a musical perspective.

Tall Tales presents more mystical imagery, but once again puts it through the lens of reality by having it be told as a compilation of wild stories by someone clearly lying about their journeys, yet the whimsical nature of everything in the song makes it highly compelling to follow along nonetheless. The Gooberville Ballroom Dancer is the most bombastic song on the album by a considerable margin, telling a ridiculous, humourous story with hard hitting riffs and a lovely amount of absurdism.

The high energy present here perfectly contrasts the extremely laid back Mudhill, and gives the feeling of being taken on a journey, despite the fact that the songs are all unrelated on this album. The occasional moments of heaviness or darkness found throughout the album further improves it, displaying a great variety while still sticking to its core identity, epitomised by the Fripp styled guitar playing in The Summit. As you can see, I find the first half of the album to be excellent all around, easily a 4 star album at the very least, but the issue comes from the extremely weak second half, which starts off with 2 more gems before becoming a massive slog.

Of the two songs, the titular track is a dark instrumental that moves at a much slower pace than anything else on the album, and Blue Moon is a shorter song showcasing some incredible soloing, but neither of which stand up to the powerful first half of the album. After this, there are a number of instrumental reprises of past songs, none of which do anything to grab me, since I've Addiction - Sellorekt/LA Dreams - FlashBack 1986 (File, MP3, Album) heard them in their fullly realised forms.

Even the actual songs on this side, such as Mystique of the Beauty Queen and The Reason of Construction and Or Building a Pyramid just do absolutely nothing for me, likely partially to do with the fact that there has already been so much music beforehand that more feels like a chore, but also because it feels like there is a considerable lack of inspiration at this point, with the majority of the top quality ideas being used up, as is often the case with albums approaching this length.

Overall, while the first half of this album is tremendous in quality, the second half falls flat on its face for the most part and dampens the listening experience by a lot. The identity of Beardfish is established very clearly here however, and it's an identity that I absolutely adore, causing me to hastily want to listen to the remaining discography of this band, as despite the mixed affair that this album is, I nonetheless already love this band.

I'd recommend the first half of this record to anyone who's a fan of the heavier side of classic prog and also enjoys having some humour in their music, as this is undoubtedly something you'd find at least some enjoyment in. I look forward to listening to their othershorter albums for sure. Best songs: A Love Story, The Gooberville Ballroom Dancer, The Summit, Blue Moon Weakest songs: The Basic Blues, the many instrumental interludes on the second half Verdict: I love what this album was trying to be, and find the first half of it to be an exceptional album, extending to the first 2 tracks of the second side.

After this point, it falls off hard, but even so, this is still worth a listen if you like the more classic side of prog, especially Zappa.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Seems to be a concept album about a guy who Witch Hunt - Joey Fourr - To The Floorr (Vinyl, LP, Album) into seclusion "Sun Is The Devil" after his girlfriend breaks up with him "A Love Story".

He decides to go back to the town he grew up in "Mudhill" and on his way he stops at a place called Gooberville, and the story continues from there. There's a lot of music to wade through here; 2 cd's and not far short of 2 hours of listening time so naturally it took a while for me to get my head around it all. This is an album I like very much.

Who says Album) dancing ain't cool? Following the release of their debut Beardfish had to face the departure of Stefan Aronsson, meaning they had also to find a new studio for recordings.

This good band from Sweden plays a dark, at times heavy music which needs several spins to catch your attention. Uh, this certainly is Beardfish. The Mayor of Gooberville says - 4. This is Beardfish. Impressive for a band so young age-wise, too to make their second record already a double album.


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