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The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD)
Label: Randys Alternative Music - RAMA 001 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock

Note: This is a fan-based site, and is not meant to be considered an "official" resource. Digital Sex dervish dance single lyrics dervish dance how many more times. Essence reviews lyrics whisper words steps toward freedom in her smile Calm AAAAAARGHHH!!!! of space second wind sex in the spring roses on wednesday within these walls i can't wait.

Essence focuses on the group's poppier sound, though without ditching the group's rewarding experimentalism; there are three very pretty instrumentals! A lot of these songs get stuck in your head, and by the time the last one "I Can't Wait" ends, you invariably reach over and hit the "play" again.

And again and again This album is addictive! The first two are from the Dervish Dance single. Some of the new songs are really cool; "The Romance Isn't Over" is very dark and pretty, and "Tortured Beauty" has a groovy epic feel. This CD was released in France in a batch ofand includes extensive biographical liner notes, in French and English. Great fun, great songs; this CD is a classic! This is an unplugged set; the room is small and intimate, with the band seated in front of a handful of devoted fans.

Dereck is absent. The sound quality is good, though lacking bass and drums; percussion is limited to bongos. Lots of energy and excellent playing. My favorites are the beautiful "Thanks for Living", "In Her Smile", and the entrancing song 7, which I'd never heard before.

Maureen Evans-Hansen Out of the Blue lyrics sway out of the blue hallelujah death valley into focus holiday in hell chant lives we leave behind sister big sur. Ultramarine Blue CD Just released! This is mostly instrumental two songs have vocalsand is an intriguing blend of 4AD, industrial, and all sorts of styles of jazz from avante guarde to soothing lounge music to pop-fusion.

Lots of energy here! More info later Dereck Higgins Dereck EP bright lights pay phone this was something into the mirror. Weezul Wecords 7" EP I don't have this yet. Limited run of Dereck played The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD) of the instruments, with help from John Tingle and Tom Ware. Digital Sex played "Bright Lights".

Retrieved 24 August Keith Urban singles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Countrycountry pop. Capitol Nashville. LeMasters, whose label is Randy's Alternative Music, purchased local recording efforts by bands such as Lavender Couch and the now-defunct Acorns as well as the "Linoma" and the "Lite" and "Dark" Capitol Bar compilations.

Digital Sex is a Top 10 all-time show. The people who have not checked out the band are doing themselves a disservice. Band members know how to bring songs to life on stage. After much fanfare, it's finally Put em in Check - Lil Whit (2) - For The Fellas (CD, Album). Interestingly, many won't care because, despite the hype, they still haven't heard this perennial Omaha band who simply refuses to die.

This collection will either be Digital Sex's rebirth or their epitaph. It all depends on them, because no one's going to start playing this on the radio unless the band supports it with a tour. We'll see. At any rate, this collection is essential for any long-time Digital Sex fan - their entire Essence album fromalong with a number of unreleased demos and tracks from various collections this is the fifth incarnation of the track "Whisper Words," for example. The unheard stuff is the best, including The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD) of Games" a crowd favorite at live showsthe brooding, powerful "Done My Time," and the bouncy, fun "The Days Go.

Yeah, but what does it sound like? The band calls their music ambient pop, which, I guess, means easy going melodic new-wave-esque stuff, ala early Connells or Psychedelic Furs, However, though written 10 years ago, the music sounds remarkably fresh.

And the package is beautiful, including for the first time all song lyrics. For old fans, it's a trip down memory lane; for those just discovering the band, it's a good chance to pick up a definitive collection. Now, if only these guys would produce some new stuff. Most Omaha-based bands have tended toward such recognizable styles as heavy metal, blues or altenative rock. But in the early to mid s, Digital Sex emerged with a music that had a surreal, New Age feel.

The group's vocalist, Stephen Sheehan. The band's music does encompass, but it also incorporates elements from other groups. A driving drum beat here and there recalls Joy Division, although less dark. The compilation results from Pittsburgh disc jockey Randy LeMasters' hearing some old Digital Sex recordings and playing them on his radio show.

LeMasters eventually left radio and started a record store called Randy's Alternative Music. He contacted members of the band and decided to remaster and release some of its old tunes on his own label. The resulting song disc includes previously released songs as well as several pieces the band had recorded but never released. The band itself is another story. Over the years, the membership changed and the group occasionally went dormant.

The band broke up, seemingly for good, in The members decided to reunite officially this year. The first song on the compilation "Quiet Longing," gives a preview of things to come, with harmonic guitar lines weaving around each other over a mellow beat. The minimalist lyrics deliver more mood than message. The song tells of time passing unremarked and punctuates the point with a nice guitar solo. On "Red Girl," a particularly interesting tune, the band hangs word pictures on an open, swinging guitar framework.

Sheehan delivers such lines as "Speaking to you would melt my throat, so I stare instead" in a subdued yet emotive style. One other Sex note: Bass player Dereck Higgins is eager to see and hear some of his work from a recent trip to Japan. Higgins spent seven The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD) writing theme music for two shows seeking airtime on Satellite Communication for Learning SCOLAa non-profit organization that broadcasts foreign news from 32 countries.

Lee Lubbers. The other show is Sacrifice - Motörhead - Buenos Aires Sacrifice (CD, Album) educational program for the fifth- and sixth-graders. Higgins, whose music is "symphonic, folksy, electro-techno, experimental sound sciptures," was hired by SCOLA-Japan producers Kunio and Joji Kajihara, brothers and former Creighton University students.

The programs Higgins also acts as co-host for some segments of the documentary are expected to air early next year. Digital Sex, one of Omaha's most popular live bands, is back with a new release sure to please music lovers everwhere For those who may not be familiar with their music, it is a magical blend of rock and pop that, brings out Joy Division sounds without the heavy dose of depression.

Dubbed "ambient pop" by singer Stephen Sheehan, you will not find music of this sort anywhere else. Essence and Rarities - brings back the band's first album Essence and adds 10 unreleased tracks, hence the rarities. Digital Sex fans will be enthralled with the newly remastered sound of the Essence portion of the CD. Although this CD does not contain the comprehensive liner notes of their Essence and Charm, the new CD has a much fuller sound.

The rest of the tracks are also excellent, and give Sex addicts an interesting feel of how the band developed. But they work as a good sequel to a movie. Even without knowledge of the background of the band, the music is still very enjoyable.

For the price, there is an awful lot of music here, over 70 minutes worth, making this a must have for your music collection. Digital Sex is currently working on a new album, but give this one a listen first; even 10 years after the songs were originally recorded, the music seems contemporary, and this CD will give you a good background for what is looking to be a knockout follow The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD) CD early next year.

This review is excerpted from one of the Reunion Notices. Digital Sex, the free-spirited band that was a rock force in Omaha in the s, has returned to the music scene after ego and personal problems led to the band's breakup seven years ago.

Thursday night, an older and wiser Digital Sex put its problem in the past and was well-received by about 60 people at the Jones Street Brewery. It was the first in a series of summerlong engagements aimed at recapturing the magic of days gone by. We got downright silly at one point. The group's trademark lilting melodies and trancelike grooves were punctuated by roaring guitar rifts and Sheehan's playful vocalizations.

There was no hot-dogging or show-boating. And the energy we had came off the stage. It was good to be back. A female rock band, Lavender Couch, opened the show. The two bands will return to the Jones Street this week for another Thursday night performance. Singer and songwriter Steven [sic] Sheehan is the mind behind this concoction. So far, Sheehan has three albums to his credit, The Days Go - Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982 - 1987 (CD).

Innocence at Will is an song compact disk spanning the years Power - Earth, Wind & Fire - Collection (Vinyl, LP, Album), including some of Sheehan's solo work, songs from Digital Sex, and some music by The World.

Eyes of the Wildernessis latest release, includes solo material and more songs by The World. The releases described the music as "rock with a European edge. Sheehan told me to get to the show early to witness an exciting introduction by guitarist John Tingle and keyboard player Maureen Evans-Hansen.

This was a much more interesting than exciting experience. Tingle sat down win an acoustic guitar and played beautifully melodic compositions that, unfortunately, went unnoticed.

Other than being a bit monotonous, his display was lovely. Evans-Hansen's keyboard solo would make a great soundtrack for a grade-B horror movie. This pounding, dark run of sequenced evil had me looking over my shoulder for large axe-wielders wearing hockey masks. After these extreme musical tastes among band members, I didn't know what to expect when the band took the stage together.

Above the stage hung inflatable globes Get it? The World? There was also a TV screen with computer-generated topless women rolling around in slow-motion.

The reasoning behind this I'll never know not that I want to. I'm not complaining or anything, I'm just a little perplexed.

The keyboard player mellowed-out quite a bit and the guitar displayed tons of effects reminiscent of Yes or King Crimson. Bassist Craig Crawfod is fantasic! What are you doing in Omaha, Craig? His Probate and talent are definitely the highlight of the band.

Stephen Sheehan's music has been referred to as "out of fashion. For the unitiated, Stephen began his career with local music visionaries Digital Sex, whose lp "Essence" was released on cd by the prestigious Sordide Sentimental label. The Where I Come From - Kirk Whalum - Give Me Your Love (Vinyl) remastered version [released by Randy in ] dramatically improves on the sound quality of the original release, is beautifully repackaged, and most significantly, adds 25 spectacular extra minutes of music to the cd--including the now obligatory "hidden" track.

There is a heart, soul, and passion to the music that is rarely heard anymore. John Tingle's guitar work on these recordings are among the finest of his career--his headsplitting fretwork on "Neon Frontier" and lovely playing on "What's Gotten Into Me? Music of this kind and quality is just what's missing on "modern rock" radio today. When Digital Sex all too briefly reformed in local writers said that their "ahead of its time" music had finally become contemporary.

Let's hope some new music will spring forth from the fountain of his creativity and take its place next to these classic recordings. It's taken a couple of weeks, but I finally got to the record Paul Kriegler from KRCK sent, and the fact it took this long to check out really pisses me off.

You'll understand as soon as you check out Stephen Sheehan's Eyes of the Wilderness. This isn't the first time, and won't be the last, that an American artist gained an overseas deal before one on home turf. In fact, my buddies Dramarama had New Rose product out while virtually no one in label land knew who they were.

If you're near Nebraska, you may remember Steve as a part Whisky And Woman - Turning Point (4) - Poptakes (Vinyl, LP) Digital Sex who also had a French release on the Sordide Sentimental label. Eyes of the Wilderness is an album with plenty of atmosphere, and to these ears bears a more European feel with traces of early Echo, Joy Division, Teardrop and Faith era Cure.

Great stuff! This is the second time now that Nebraskan Sheehan has had to go overseas to get a record contract. His first effort was a handful of releases by the techno art band Digital Sex. That band took cues from evervone from Eno to the Cure to the Left Banke.

This solo project Sheehan's joined on half the tracks by his new band, the World is at once less eclectic and more focused, also more subdued. There's an inner tension going on underneath the keyboard washes Mas Y Mas - 40 Watt Hype - PUSH (CD, Album) processed guitars as Sheehan emoties in a clear, controlled tenor swooping in and out of the instrumental mix with poetic passages.

It's hard to fathom how the city of Omaha, mid-west USA, spawned the likes of Steve, but we're all glad they did. Starting off with a whisper from the past, Eyes of the Wilderness is a side-step from the norm. Stephen Sheehan has always had an eye on the future and assembling musicians for the task is one of his stronger suits.

Eyes of the Wilderness provides an eclectic and inspiring history of Sheehan, his work, and the bands that have accompanied him throughout his musical endeavors. Tracks on the CD include reissues from Sheehan's last band projects, The World and Missionary Position, as well as newer cuts that lend a gentle hand in understanding Sheehan and his relentless progression and drive for new places. Eyes of the Wilderness is the newest acting vehicle for national and international consumption of material that never got the exposure it deserved.

Two tracks by Missionary Position include well-knowns Bart Wolfe on guitar, Tom Ware on effects, drums and piano, with Jerry Smith on bass and keyboards. The addition is Uncles Drunk - The Martians (6) - Low Budget Stunt King (CD, Album) intriguing slice The Shipyard Apprentice - Battlefield Band - Battlefield Band (CD, Album) contrasting sound and space.

Sheehan's work with Digital Sex opened the Euro-corridor where he has enjoyed success in many markets.


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