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Published 16.07.2019

Download With Great Power - Future World Music - Volume 7 - Evolution (CD, Album)
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I mainly included it as a way of showing how projections can be blown of course along with other unlikely developments such as successful geoengineering, profitable nuclear fusion, etc. That said, if warming follows the very worst scenarios, then IMO all bets are off. I probably would. The areas that are sparsely population there are thus so for a reason — they are mountainous Tibet, parts of Yunnanvery dry Xinjiang, Inner Mongoliaor too cold parts of the northern provinces ; and hence useless for agriculture.

Regarding the development of nuclear fusion, the story to follow is surely the Energy Catalyzer by Focardi and Rossi, which has made the news in the energy sector a lot:. In a way or another it will hit the headlines, either as the biggest energy scam of the century, or as the biggest energy discovery of the century if not of the millenium.

See also the nice and hotly debated discussion on the Oil Drum:. This phenomenon was already partially known from the 90s, due to the separate work by Focardi and Piantelli, and in that case the ratio between energy inputs and energy output was almost 2 and this is not a scam.

The new thing today is a secret catalyzer which Rossi claims to enable them to have a ratio up to 30x yes, thirty! The story has become even more interesting lately because Rossi has reached an agreement, for an undisclosed sum, with Ampenergo, a US company, to receive royalties on sales of licenses and products built on the Energy Catalyzer in the Americas. Three of the founders have worked with the U.

As discussed a lot on the web, it is unlike that the DoD and the DoE Queenstown Harbor - The McNulty Family - The McNulty Family Entertains With Irish Songs & Dances (Vi being fooled by an Italian guy ing.

Rossi with a dark past behind. At this point we have these two scenarios:. In this case, the question that everyone is trying to answer is why the DoD and the DoE are spending money and time with it, knowing exactly that it is a scam. In this regard, I read so many conspiracy theory around, many of them contradicting each other, Dear Old Southland - James P.

Johnson* - Classic James P. Johnson Sessions (1921-1943) (CD) it is not worth reporting them here. Well, food for thought.

I think a big question is, with all the shocks in the short to long term, can global capital markets survive or will they fragment and become mercantile?

If they can survive, are nation-states as they are currently composed even necessary, if decision making is made by the market and there are mechanisms to put them in order?

Also as western countries become more economicaly stratified can secular democracies survive? I think we are going to see a tension between wealthy global elites not in a conspiracy theory way but those that own and control global capital, who have no culture except market values and largely impoverished and often violent local communities with their own individual cultures and political power but with little economic clout.

Additionally, although the EU certainly has major problems at the moment there is a recognition that none of its individual countries can aspire to influence global events for much longer if, indeed, they can today. Yep, outside the scope of the article. In my article on Europe linked in the pieceI discussed the likely balance of power alliances there — based mostly on historical patterns.

And this will, of course, add a further boost to Chinese power — although not an overly significant one, because becoming the first superpower is a necessary condition for achieving these tributary relations anyway. Perhaps France, Germany, and Scandinavia can remain in some sort of union, in which case it could indeed be a major world power. But very doubtful EU as a whole can make it: national interests and cultures too divergent for that.

Becomes very rich per capita, and population grows to c. Meanwhile, the northern neighbor ill be prospering. The democratic peace theory will face an excellent test! As a rule, the lands lost to the south will outnumber those gained in the north and Arctic countries are the only general exception to this hence why things look good for them. The guys going to Canada in great numbers would be Americans.

If the guys going to Canada are trying to leave a problem, why would they then actively pursue bringing the problem to their new country? I feel they would be more likely to resist being absorbed by the US. I think it is almost a given that the Canadians will acquire nuclear capabilities to deter Russian and American annexation. They currently possess the technological and infrastructural capacity to do it now. I think that is one thing that will definitely happen in the next 90 years or so.

I live in canada and canada has more then enough technology to build hydrogen bombs however it is amazing Take Care Of Your Homework - Johnnie Taylor - Whos Making Love (Vinyl, LP, Album) think such a close ally and neighbor can turn violent in under a century the future holds turmoil, and the price to be payed by our planet and the blood of our sons as they march into energy wars.

With top education it is not important what you learn but how you meet and with that i think that the Ivy League can be gone in a heart beat just like what happened with the Soviet Ivy League which kept their top position in Russia but dropped to the bottom outside of the Former USSR.

Silicon Valley is based on military spending and brain importation. Both are highly dependable on spending money. For institutions like Duke or even Yale perhaps, but the likes of Harvard, Princeton or non-Ivy MIT will remain internationally powerful and influential for a long time to come.

For a start English, as mentioned previously, is a lingua franca, being not only the dominant language in the Anglosphere with a combined population of c. Note how long it took for Latin to lose its position even though only the clergy really spoke it.

You only need American lawyers if you want to have conflict resolution in American courts. MIT is known for science. Science cost a lot of money to be on the forefront. And that is almost as true for medical schools. USA has been relegated to the number two there. I also note how long it took German to loose its dominant position as scientific Lingua Franca.

They are full-fledged universities that are global leaders in many departments, including scientific ones. I knew that because i looked it up but which school you go to depends on fame.

Their fame is law and somewhat less medicine. They also do science but MIT and California has a much bigger name in it. I think for the EU not to be included at all is a bit rich. But who in would have said Europe would have a single market, negotiate as one genuine trading bloc, have absorbed the Warsaw Pact and have a common currency? There is no telling how much more integration will be achieved between now andlet alone Over time it may no longer even make sense to think of Russia as a separate category from the EU.

In that sense the EU well-placed for the 21st century. I also think your economic projections for the BRICs in general With Great Power - Future World Music - Volume 7 - Evolution (CD too bullish.

Spain or Greece by It is in the form that much of its export revenue c. I think it still holds: 1 Nukes mean military power between advanced countries is extremely dangerous and to be avoided. There is no global ideological division for now.

I think the nuke threat is more or less gone by all the new nuke owners switching to second strike doctrine. I doubt that wars are irrational today. Their goals are rather complex because they affect the situation within the warring state, the attacked state and the surroundings of the attacked state and the global system as a whole, plus they have very long term consequences. Look for example at colonization, few countries made money with it the later it was, but invested into military and infrastructure there.

Today, these countries have quite some benefits from their oppressive past in soft power. Chemical weapons are advantages for the strong, offensive side but not for the weak, defensive Eternity Suite - Simple Aggression - Gravity (CD, Album). Military power is still important, just not in quite the same way that it used to be. Of course this could change in the future!

That is their power projection. And your target will nuke you back. Nukes, beyond a minimal deterrent, have been pointless for a long time. That people still think this kind of hard power is relevant in the vast majority of situations is beyond me…. Brazil has a land border with most of South America. Russia has its Near-abroad. India is close where the oil is and China and Japan have a deep water navy including multiple aircraft carriers within 5 years.

I think there are two types of nukes, With Great Power - Future World Music - Volume 7 - Evolution (CD startegic nukes for mutually agreed suicide whomever you nuke will strike back with deadly material and tactical nukes that can be used precisely against military targets like fleets, bunkers and other installations that are otherwise hard to crack.

China and the other new nuclear powers are clever, they have their small array of strategic nukes as a quick reply for a strategic nuclear attack and that boosts their international status. The Russians were not so sharp by building lots of big and expensive nukes instead of a minimal strategic detterent and a tactical nuclear force, that could be employed for first strikes below the strategic nuke all out level and in order not to target humans, but electronic systems, plus a fleet to control the blue sea and an economy to pay for all that.

Now if some other hegemon arrives that institutes different rules of the game e. Let me give a very hypothetical scenario. More realistic hypothetical: Idealistic youthful pro-Western Russian president scraps all nukes and announces grand new era of detente with USA.

A couple of weeks after the last nuke has been dismantled and carted away, demonstrators, wearing mauve-colored scarves gather outside Kremlin in slightly violent flash-mob to demand more democracy. Beginning of Mauve Revolution. OMON crack a couple of skulls. The whole incident is captured on you-tube. Using Twitter, Facebook, and their amazing phone-texting skills hyper-nimble thumbsmauve revolutionaries instantly spread their vision of democracy and demand an end to thuggish authoritarian regime in Russia.

USA and NATO quickly recognize the revolutionaries as the legitimate government of Russia and declare no-fly zone for entire territory west of Urals. Mauve revolutionaries, still using their amazing thumbs, text to NATO bombers coordinates of various juicy infrastructure targets to bomb, including residence of youthful Russian president, who has now been declared an international war criminal because his OMONs previously cracked a couple of mauve skulls.

Russian prez attempts to fight back, but … ooops! No more nukes! What was I thinking?? And if I could just make my Прощальный День - Яак Йоала* - Сама Любовь (Vinyl) post very concrete. This is very concrete a valuable for the average nation, much more so than how many Fs or nuclear weapons you have stockpiled. In addition, for all the troubles now, some nations still believe in the EU project.

I think it is to have a very old-fashioned and outmoded notion of power to dismiss all this. Stalin and Brezhnev just counted tank divisions and nukes: look where that got Russia. Unless it achieves Western standards of living with the next 20 years the moment of opportunity for being an exceptional power like say the US between will have passed.

Well, the US is was a more or less one of a kind event, artificially caused by the destruction of European industry during WW2. By the numbers: Re Really doubt that drop in percentage share of working population from I think both assumptions are highly questionable. And even if aging becomes a problem, it will only do so once it is developed as in Japan, or Korea ; in any case, things like peak coal and spreading of the Gobi desert will probably be far more critical issues then.

Japan has almost never considered itself tributary to China. The last time Japan formally acknowledged Chinese superiority was back in the early Ashikaga Shogunate, almost six hundred years ago. That relationship had completely disappeared by the s; in fact, when the Chinese Emperor Wanli tried to address Hideyoshi as a vassal, it enraged Hideyoshi into his second invasion of Korea.

A bit further south, Vietnamese nationalism is basically built around Sinophobia. Vietnam more or less came into existence in order to resist Chinese expansion to the south. The question is tributary in what metric.

Clearly Japan will never consider itself an underling of China. But whether it will be an economic power in is not clear. I am not sure the current fad to transplant production to China by both Japan and the USA is an intelligent thing to do in the long run.

This is a type of 3rd-world-ization that is hidden by trickle down and cheap credit for a while but eventually means the impoverishment of the population. There is no knowledge based economy that somehow is not being offshored as well. The merchants, of course, are making a killing in the short run and it looks like they are banking on new consumers in China and India to offset the newly created paupers in the west. China at the time was strong, esp. But then it grew weaker, in particular on water.

I notice the time its former vassal began rejecting it also correlates with the time it had to turn away from the seas to face a growing nomad threat, which culminated in the Manchu conquest in But if China becomes, again, an unquestionably dominant power — i. The Second Gulf War is an excellent example; we saw countries like Romania and Australia sending contingents to fight, even though they had zero direct interest, because they wanted to stay on good terms with the dominant power.

See, e. These are just two of the most popular items on the menu. India and Japan quietly signed a security pact in Trade has roughly tripled since albeit from a low baseand Japan is funding several massive Indian infrastructure projects with cheap loans.

Scratch beneath any conflict anywhere in the world, and almost always you will find something tribal or ethnic going on. Most Vietnamese boat people were not ethnic Chinese Hoa at all. In the first wave inthey made up 14 percent of the refugees. Most Hoa left in the late 70s and early 80s. In the Hoa made up around Source: Trieu, M. Chinese-Vietnamese Americans.

Park Eds. The Vietnamese have been resisting southward Chinese expansion — mostly successfully — since the second century BC, when the Han Dynasty conquered a chunk of Vietnam only to be expelled a few decades later.

The southern frontier areas of China — Guangxi and even a bit of Guangdong — used to be ethnically and culturally Vietnamese. Over time, the Chinese conquered them and expelled or assimilated the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese, believe you me, remember this. Meanwhile the Vietnamese, when not busy trying to fight off China, were doing their own expansion to the south. The Vietnamese kings pushed south, annexed these lands, reduced the Cham to a poor minority and expelled the Cambodians and replaced them with ethnic Vietnamese settlers.

To oversimplify, Cambodians hate and fear the Vietnamese, while the Vietnamese are truculent but nervous towards China. The North Vietnamese government had… friendly is too strong… coolly correct relations with China up until After that, relations deteriorated rapidly. To oversimplify, Southeast Asia after became a front in the Sino-Soviet rivalry. Awesome stuff. Really is a dog eat dog world. Is, by any chance, Cantonese related to Vietnamese? I recently trolled a Cantonese language instruction book on the Internet and noticed that it had very little in common with Mandarin i.

China says it was Chinese; Vietnam says it was ancestral Vietnam. IMO the evidence suggests that Nan Yue was a multiethnic kingdom with Vietnamese the largest and economically dominant group, but run by Chinese conquerors from the north. This is of course offensive to both sides.

It bugs the Vietnamese because it suggests that the first great Vietnamese kingdom was created under Chinese rule. Also because the largest ethnic group in Nanyue was a group called the Baiyue, who were probably ancestors of the Vietnamese — and the Baiyue seem to have been pretty primitive; a bunch of Chinese adventurers had little trouble taking them over and setting up a satellite kingdom. You have a relatively backwards group on the edge of civilization, one step up from tribalism, getting taken over and organized into a state by a small ruling caste coming from further north.

This then evolves into a frontier state that a develops a conflicted relationship to the main civilizational area nearby, and b becomes expansionist in its own right. Of course the Vietnamese were crowded into a penninsula with much less room to expand. But they did what they could. Basically: professional linguists outside China are unanimous in agreeing that Vietnamese is an utterly distinct language from a completely different language family — the Mon-Khmer branch of the Afro-Asiatic language tree.

And the two languages sort of sound alike — they use a lot of the same phonemes, and are both tonal. Chinese linguists arguing that Vietnamese is descended from Chinese dialects… Fascinating! Come on, guys, facts are facts, so man up and accept reality! Every professional lingust worth their salt knows that two peoples living side by side for centuries WILL start to sound alike, even if their languages evolved from completely different language families.

Lots of words borrowed back and forth, to sure. But, as you point out, even phonemes start to sound similar. Then multiply this by a lot of inter-marrying and a lot of bi-lingual children, and after many generations the allophones start to merge acoustically.

The Thai, the Vietnamese and several smaller tribes of South Asia have a very vivid history of being subdued by the Chinese in their now South Chinese homelands.

And they decided to move to some place new in order not to be slaughtered and bullied again. So China does have a history of aggressive territorial expansion and its neighbours know it very very well. These are the epics how their nations were founded. Koreans for example got the Chinese out early on and in turn became the little brother.

China and Japan have been the antagonists in this region because Japan just needed a fleet and marines while China needed to defend at land and at sea. Taiwan for example has the potential to become a nation on its own because they have the Hakkas with a different history from the Imperial Chinese and the longer this island is self gouverened the more intermixing will allow them to claim a different heritage.

Taiwan again is crucial to naval power in East Asia and its quite interesting that the Chinese went far and wide but were quite late to take this pirate haven at their door. Furthermore With Great Power - Future World Music - Volume 7 - Evolution (CD has an interesting definition of its territory that hardly leaves any neighbour without a serious territorial threat.

While you point out population and economy, you should also take a look at Britain and France, France lost despite its economy because England just needed the sea and because of its political system had better finances.

In the current situation the Chinese navy can grow because the Russian army is weak, but if Russia grows as you predict, China is at a serious disadvantage say against a host of naval powers defending their turf.

I must also concede that there are people who see them all as Asians and part of one big culture with many facets and I think money will be the key where the voyage goes, depending on who offers the better deal, old America or new China? Both Cantonese and Vietnamese speakers were historically part of the Yue people. Taishan County provided the bulk of migrants to North America in the s, in particular the men who built the transcontinental railways across the Rocky Mountains in western Canada and the United States.

When my parents visited San Francisco inthey were amazed that most Chinese people living there spoke Taishanese. The situation has probably changed as it has in Australia with most Chinese migrants here now speaking Mandarin Chinese instead of Cantonese or Taishanese.

I would like to comment that Vietnam is basically Nan Yue switched around. You can tell that Goldeneye (Single Edit) - Tina Turner - Goldeneye (Vinyl) phonology is similar especially when spoken fast or in normal conversation speed.

We my family and friends, etc. Although you could probably make this observation for about every language on Earth. Germanic languages are an example, Latin-derived ones are another. Basically as Han expanded south they displaced and absorbed these peoples. The current Viet were one of these groups largely pushed out of present day China, and many mixed with them…which is why there is a genetic maternal cline in China from North to South depending on who Han Chinese men married often not Han women but local women in newly conquered areas, which obviously is not unique to Han.

The Ming. Yes, a tributary system existed under the early Ming — nearly six hundred years ago. More seriously: the full-on Ming tributary system existed only briefly, for a generation or two. Versions of it survived in attenuated form a while longer. Well, a rough comparison would be to American economic dominance from to or so. That was a unique historical moment, caused by the flattening of most other major industrial powers.

During the first generation of Ming rule, Vietnam was divided under a weak dynasty, and the Ming had little difficulty in conquering it though this would prove to be overstretch; the Vietnamese would later reunite under the national hero Le Loi and Tiajuana the Ming.

And the recent news that a majority of rich Chinese want to emigrate? Does that sound like something people from a rising nation would do? If China is on an upward trajectory, why would the economic elites of China want to betray their nation by emigrating with their wealth to US, Canada, Australia etc.?

And what do you make of the report about the corrupt officials between ? Because the presence of some corrupt officials does not necessarily lead to a downward trajectory? This is a sign that Chinese corruption is abating. Maybe it is not fast enough, but we are talking about decades here. China right now is much like the USA was in Corrupt with almost no labour rights.

But development pushed the corruption to the side and gave workers something other than sweatshop conditions. This took decades. I think the question is rather are Runaway - D-Zine - Runaway (Vinyl) part of the party?

It seems that coming from a family that has influential party members and being big in business today go hand in hand.

So the countermove has been to open the party for businessmen, but are they accepted as equals of the old elite? In China it has a tradition of centuries, especially during their golden age, that state officials out of rich families took over companies that became too big and successful. In their they invested their substantial income into land and education, so they formed a scholar gentry.

Having a pulse and a want is probably all it takes for any law-abiding citizen. There is also the issue of the one-child policy which leads to families that are not particularly big.

The Chinese population is not This may be too little, but. Are they all active, do they all have a say and all become wealthy? About power. Well, ever heard of deep sea methane? Ever thought about turning algae and other plants into fuel? Ever thought about relaunching liquidifying coal and using robots for even deeper mining that would make Europe energy independent? The problems with water are real, but like the resource problem its a question of energy supply. Perhaps you could try to take a different mindset and predict the outcome if slight modification of current technology is succesful.

So Canada will likely be very American and Russia could be compartmentalized by inner divisions if it really becomes the best place in the world. Another problem is that you have a misconception about foreign trade. You take the growth of individual countries as if they were seperate legal entities. However, a legal union like the EU has more transborder exchange between two countries per head GDP then Michigan and Ontario, simple because of the legal framework be it good or bad.

Generally, White Tusks - Ice Dragon - The Sorrowful Sun (CD, Album) think your predictions for Russia have a tendency towards greatest optimism while on the other hand for the world you are a pessimist as outlined above.

I would really appreciate if you tried to look at things with different mindsets to state rather a range of interdependent courses than one single prediction. However, I agree that Russia will do better economically, but is also in a position where its military must heed to be able to defend that growth.

Malthusian was Europe in the first half of the 14th century. Woods had almost disappeared, leaving mostly a few trees with intensely farmed branches and paintings show sand dunes in the middle of the continent. So solutions need a businessman who popularizes them and makes them available. Under stress, like every time in recorded history, the non-affluent will be hit hard and deadly and so I can understand the BRIC steering right into AGW by growing their wealth instead of doing all the West wants them to do in order to avoid a bigger catastrophe.

The problem is rather that energy gets much more expensive with these, thus putting evolutionary pressure on high energy consumption economies. And the ever more expensive energy is the ingredient that allows to much better weather the coming global warming. Of course, oil is more than fuel and the last reserves will see a staggering value addition because of their properties for Softee - New Born Babies - Pogo Jetzt!

(Cassette) chemical industry. However, this industry might also cope with its old coal tar recipes reeditioned. So while I believe the fuel issue is surmountable, it so far looks rather more expensive. In that way scarcity will rather trigger a development and good examples are apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, who both coped with technology to work their way around chronic petrol shortages.

As pointed out, the problem is not a shortage of the possibilities for energy supply, but the expenses of energy consumption. I also wonder about India. Your assumption is that India is a democracy and that China wont become a democracy very soon. There is also the question of foreign countries ruling you.

So India has more trust, that includes cooperations in weapons development, the most critical knowledge. Germany was a cold war site with a high probability to change into a hot war battlefield site. Besides can The Man From E.V.I.L. can call a country nice when they support terrorist bombings in Europe.

Stalin offered reunification and being a great power for neutrality. For the US to be bad to a country it needs lots of people in that country using US support to follow their own interests. That has ever since been a big debate in Germany whether we could have had the same chance as Austria and saved lots of people who died in the Iron curtain.

I think Stalin was honest simply because a neutral Germany was less of a threat than a Western aligned major part of it. Problem with India is that they have more homegrown guerilla movements than the rest of the world combined. Guerrilla is in most cases organized crime with a narrative for public support.

You are absolutely right that they are often just a cover for organized crime but India has an awful lot of it and those narratives only work if there is some perceived truth in it. Any reliable statistics on Chinese triads? You know the old Churchill saying? Beautifully analysed with sharp intellect.

I fully agree with this well researched piece and believe the course of Geo-political events move ahead as predicted. Thanks for this fine article. Thank you for this nice article with logical predictions.

Me to have tried to write a small article on this subject. Anyone considered the possibility of Argentina and Australia being future super-powers? Argentina has an educated population, a good agricultural base and plenty of water resources locked up in glaciers in Patagonia. There may be significant oil deposits in the South Atlantic, some of which might be the source of future disputes with the United Kingdom.

If Australia can wean itself from psychological dependency on the United States and the United Kingdom, it could be a very significant power in its part of the world.

There is solar power potential in its desert regions. If the US collapses as a political entity, Album), which I believe it will do beforeIndonesia is likely to break up: Irian Jaya will break away first, followed perhaps by Maluku in the eastern part of the country and Acheh in the far west.

Malaysia may scoop up territory in Kalimantan on the island of Borneo and possibly Sumatra. As Malaysia sits on some very important shipping lanes, it may very well become a future power in its part of the world. Brunei might also try to expand into Kalimantan.

Tatarstan and Bashkortostan could be emboldened to demand some form of self-government in the way Catalonia and the Basque regions have self-government in Spain.

Power is mostly a numbers game in which population is key. True, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world but does it have a unified culture to the extent Brazil has?

Not all Indonesians are Muslim: many people in Maluku sincedivided into North and South Maluku provinces are Christians and they have often been the base for separatist Maluku movements. Over —there was significant conflict between Muslims and Christians with 9, killed anddisplaced. As recently as Septemberthere was violence between Muslims and Christians after some Muslims were duped by a hoax message about a bus driver being tortured by Christians.

A secessionist movement in Acheh did exist until when Acheh and the Indonesian government reconciled their differences after the Boxing Day tsunami. Source: Wikipedia. The Balinese are famous for always appearing content and serene with their lives but who knows what they really think?

Java is culturally like Brazil and its population is not much smaller. It also has the majority of the Indonesian population. The trouble on Maluku was between Muslims and Protestants. Acheh might still be part of the reduced Indonesia or it might be independent. Such a country or at the very least a political or economic federation with Malay as a common language, moderate Islam a common religion and room for Chinese, Indian and European minorities to play outsider entrepreneurial roles in business, science and culture could be a future superpower.

Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines become buffer states between this new superpower and China. I just had a quick look at Wikipedia to check population figures for Argentina and Canada and found that the figure quoted for Argentina is just over 40 million and the figure for Canada is under 35 million. If there is political and economic collapse in the US and Europe, a likely scenario is that several million Americans flee to Canada and several millions of Spanish, Italians and possibly French and Romanians flee to Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead - The Best Of (CD). Even some British may go there as historical connections between Britain and Argentina exist; the famous writer Jorge Luis Borges was part-English and British money helped to build the economy and a railway network in the 19th century.

If people miss the snow and high mountains, New Zealand is only a 2-hour flight away from Sydney and Melbourne. A unified Malayan would want to include parts of Thailand and the Philippines and they would probably get its way.

Brazil only needs to give a little bit of a push to get that ball rolling to get the Indian states on its side. Maximum temperatures have been in the low 20s at present: unusual for summer when they are usually in a range of high 20s — mid 30s. Melbourne tends to have a slightly more extreme range of temperatures but is still considered temperate. Perth and Adelaide enjoy a Mediterranean-style climate and Brisbane is sub-tropical.

Northern parts of the country are tropical and subject to annual monsoons. Sydney is about the same latitude south of the equator as Buenos Aires and as they are on the eastern sides of continents they probably enjoy similar climates: sunny and often humid in summer, temperate, sometimes even cold, in winter.

Cities on the western sides of continents at the same latitude south or north have a drier, sunnier climate: this is due to patterns of global wind and ocean currents. This might be reflected in official definitions of race which are sometimes more about culture and lifestyle choice than about physical appearance. Also defining your ethnic identity is less and less something arbitrary that government authorities do to you and increasingly a matter of wanting to identify with a particular group out of pride.

Anyway, I only had in mind coalitions of nations working together, sort of like ASEAN, to counter Brazilian power in a soft way in a co-operative spirit.

No need for take-overs or invasions! I do not know if Malaysia would take over Muslim parts of Thailand and Philippines by force; more likely Thailand and Philippines would be happy to give these areas to Malaysia and be rid of the fractious populations there!

As for whether Malaysia would dominate Indonesia or vice versa, it would depend more on skilful politicking and diplomacy and which country has the stronger and more democratic institutions. They could also just form a loose political federation with Brunei. Sydney has about the same latitude as Beirut.

About Malaysia taking over Southern Thailand. Especially the Thai themself. I tried 3 times to write a comment. I found this just a ramble. There is no substantive detail to justify any of this.

Any way, in the context of time, does it really matter? Quite possible actually. Climate change is predicted to open up the Northwest Passage as a major shipping route and with it several Canadian ports such as Churchill in western Hudson Bay. Possibly lands currently under ice or considered remote from major population centres will become suited for agriculture, mining or other development as a result of rising mean or median temperatures. Most predictions about Canada becoming a superpower revolve around its capacity to supply energy to other countries; currently Canada is the 5th largest energy producer in the world.

If the US were to collapse, parts of that country might join Canada. As for the context of time, a question I might ask of you is: What year were you born in? If you were born inyour life expectancy if you were born in a First World country would be around 75 years so you could live to the year Plenty of time between and for world politics and economy to change. It was about 20 years that the Soviet Union collapsed and several new countries declared their independence or had independence thrust on them.

And in fact, Canada was once projected to be the dominant power in the Northern Hemisphere, based on population growth and industrialization. The United States passed it and never looked back, and now has a population roughly 10 times that of Canada. Where the situation changed once, it can change again, and a lot of factors influence national dominance. Energy is a big one.

I personally believe Canada, while it might grow considerably beyond what it is now, will not supplant the USA as superpower in the foreseeable future — because Canada appears content for its energy supply to serve U. A hardline nationalist Canadian government might change things there, but that, too, is unlikely as Canadians and Americans are not really very different. Explosive population growth in Australia without a corresponding shift in regional arrangements seems unlikely to me, as Australia is a relatively small country with a relatively limited supply of arable land.

Its ability to feed a burgeoning population would thus depend on regional adjustments. There is also the question of population. Sydney and Melbourne are simply to small to get the network effect of megacities. In the past Australia did have considerable manufacturing industry but most of it was foreign-owned, particularly by Japanese firms. Federal and state governments though used to have wangle huge incentives in the millions of dollars to get companies like Mitsubishi and Toyota to keep factories in Adelaide and Melbourne going.

Most international trade routes do bypass Australia. We already have small communities of Argentines, Chileans and Brazilians living in Australia. A cousin of mine is married to an Argentinian whose family came to Sydney and Queensland in the late s, during the period of military rule. Many Chileans came to Australia during the Pinochet years. Brazilians seem to like the beach culture and weather here and there is much less crime, poverty and police thuggery than in many Brazilian cities.

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Exclusive discount for Prime members. Sample this album Artist - Artist Sample. Descent Back to Earth. Engines of Creation. The Dark Arts. Eternal Light. The Courage Within. Lights Out. For the Glory. Ghosts of Sparta. Mechanical Impulse. Born for Victory. Touch of Light. Follow Your Dream. Sold by Amazon. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age With Great Power - Future World Music - Volume 7 - Evolution (CD a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Music can inflame the soul, spark the imagination, move you into action, and give you the sense that you can take a leap of faith and Untitled the world.

Just listen to the first track Flamenco Sketches this album, and you will know what I am talking about. It starts out low, with a pulse, a cello and piano playing around with the theme, back and forth, then the vocals come in and lift you to that angelic realm, your spine starts to tingle with excitement and you know that you will be able to overcome anything, with the help of God, that you set your mind on.

It becomes a powerful, heroic theme, and you can imagine the hero, or heroine, facing with courage the obstacles that they must overcome. It ends with the piano, bells, and a deep electronic pulse that brings you back down to earth. The first track has the title, Descent Back To Earth. This is the first album I have downloaded from Future World Music, and I rank them up there with Audiomachine for some powerful, epic, and exciting music.

I will not go through each track for if you have read my previous reviews of music, you know that music is meant to be listened to and experienced, and it is a universal language without words. Words cannot really do justice to music, and trying to tell you how music sounds it like trying to describe honey to someone that has never tasted honey before. How would you describe it?

That being said, I love each one of these tracks. Let your imagination out of the cage, and get prepared to be moved to new emotional heights, new worlds, and endless possibilities for images and feelings to come to your mind.

What comes to your mind will be different than what comes to my mind, and on repeated hearings of this music, it can change. For example, the first time I heard Track 2, I pictured an Album) spaceship descending on a planet and a battle ensuing to repel them. However, on the second hearing, it brought to my mind, helicopters bringing in military troops, and men trying to take back a stretch of beach from the enemy.

There are a couple of places that you can hear a trumpet playing for those who have lost their lives. Some of my favorite Tracks are: I love Track 5, Eternal Light, with that soaring theme that takes you for a ride in the clouds; Track 6, for this really, neat funky beat that makes you feel like driving a car real fast don't listen to this one in your car ; Track 14, for that great pulsing beat and theme that gives you determination to keep going forward, pushing towards your goals, and lastly, Track 19, Jellyfishticks (DJ Ze Mig L Remix) - Delta (3) vs.

Dexter W* - Freak System Vol. 2 (Vinyl), for that hauntingly beautiful piano, electronic sounds, and powerful drums that makes your feel like piloting your spacecraft to another planet. I had a good sized collection of their catalogs that I played while studying. Lots of good background music to listen to while working from home.

There's perhaps slightly more electronica in this album than in previous releases. There's also perhaps not as much of the signature guitar work that usually stamps this composer's work, which is a shame. It's still a great listening experience with plenty of rich full orchestra and choir. If you're a trailer music fan, you'll want to pick this one up. I didn't think there was anyway it could Zero Hour is simply awesome. I didn't think there was anyway it could be better than A Hero Will Rise.

But it is. I can listen to this CD over and over and never get tired of hearing it. Five stars all the way. It's beautiful and epic. If you like their other CDs, you'll want this one too.


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    Future World Music is a custom music library owned by the composer and producer Armen Hambar and based in La Crescenta, CA. Future World Music provides cinematic music for motion picture advertising specializing in fantasy adventure and epic action genres.
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    Jun 15,  · Future World soundtrack from , composed by ToyDrum. Released by Lakeshore Records in containing music from Future World ().
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    Get all the lyrics to songs on Future World Music, Volume Millennium and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.
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    As a trucker, this album, plus all the rest from future world music makes my job seem much more intense. I have become a huge fan of trailer music, I have FWM, instrumental core, really slow motion, twelve titans music, and I will be expanding my artist collection/5(58).
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    Lyrics to 'With Great Power' by Future World Music. " Best Movie Soundtracks Essentials" Album Main Theme (From "Interstellar";Piano Version).
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    Listen free to Future World Music – Volume 7 - Evolution (Disc 1). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at gicanrorynise.sauvesmesemicatandnamopatniehip.infoinfo
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    FUTURE WORLD NEWS. Royal Ascot promo. Royal Ascot promo featuring our track The Sorcerer’s Symphony. Our latest modern cutting edge industry album Editor’s Toolkit 8 will be released soon! Read More. pb+j June 8, Future World Music. Altura Avenue, Glendale, CA, , United States. info.
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    Jun 07,  · The Futureheads are delighted to announce that ‘Powers’, their sixth studio album and their first electric guitar release in almost a decade, will be released on 30th August. Recorded and self-produced at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studio, ‘Powers’ is a record that looks§ “at the balance of power in a personal, political and relational sense” and puts .
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